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We are a business that exists to enable leaders to make great strategic choices. .

We do this by being curious about organisations and the challenges that they are facing. Our approach brings together our collective experience of leading and transforming organisations with that of the clients’ leadership teams to bring breadth of perspective. We listen and look. As we learn with organisations, we are relentlessly honest – we will only ever tell our clients what they need to hear, never what they want to hear. Senior leaders need other seniors and peers to talk to – this is the role we provide. With this approach, we do not tell our clients what to do, we help bring clarity so that it becomes clear to them what to do.


We offer an advisory service where we support leaders as they develop strategies for their organisation.   Leaders progress because they are talented in what they do.  They have great instincts for what works in their organisation.   The best leaders also recognise the need to gather external perspectives to help them respond to and plan for the ever-changing environment in which their organisation exists.   We bring together the art and the science of making choices – instinct powered by insight.  We help leaders to make the right strategic choices for their business and build transformation plans to execute these.

Due Diligence

With a breath of experience spanning the leadership and transformation of organisations from SMEs to multi-nationals and global financial institutions, we have developed a methodology to carry out due diligence on the strategic health of organisations.  We provide assessment of the leadership strength, business strategy, operational execution and transformation.  We help organisations make the right investment choices, combining expertise and analytics to provide an objective assessment of the prospects of businesses.


We are passionate about the impact of purpose led leadership.  When an organisation understands its purpose and how it wins in the market it serves, the key strategic decision become much easier to make.  We are driven to help bring this clarity of thought to organisations.  We do this is by coaching others in our approach by:

  • providing a framework, based on principles, levers and KPIs that will help businesses navigate through business transformations
  • training talented individuals in organisations where we provide advisory services to increase the success of the transformations and embed strategic planning in the organisation
  • offering practical workshops where we build the skills to create effective strategic plans by working though real live organisational challenges.
  • providing technical training to board members and senior individuals to enable them to provide effective oversight and challenge of the strategy in their organisations

We believe in an experiential approach, taking leaders through well-known business examples and working through challenges in their own businesses to put all the approaches in a live context.

Why Partner with us?

Our approach has successfully transformed a number of organisations across a number of sectors. It works. This was recognised in the 2015 Management Consultancy Awards where we were the team behind the Strategy Project of the Year.

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